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Pies & Tarts

Black raspberry tart with a shortbread crust

For this tart, I made a shortbread crust using more butter then a usual pie crust. I placed it into the tart mold and baked it. Then added a cream cheese filling (cream cheese & sugar) and then placed the black raspberries on top. To finish it off I sprinkled powdered sugar on top of the berries.


Apple and pear pie
(first pie I’ve ever made)

For this pie, I took really ripe pears and apples and peeled and sliced them. After making the pie dough, I rolled it out and placed it in the dish. I then coated the pears and apples in sugar, cinnamon, flour, and butter. Next, I poured them into the dish and then laced extra pie crust over it and baked.


Coconut cream pie

For this pie I pre baked my pie crust, and then put cream and sugar over heat and brought it to a boil. Then I poured it slowly over egg yolks then put it back over heat. I stirred until it was thick and custard like. When its consistancy was just right, I poured it over the pre baked crust, then toped it with toasted coconut, and chilled it for 2 hours.


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