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Cakes & Cupcakes

First attempt to cover a cake in fondant

For this fondant cake, I made a simple white cake then dirty iced it with a vanilla buttercream. For the fondant I rolled it out as thin and smoothly as I could, and then I rolled it on top of the cake. It is a difficult process to cover a cake in fondant and making it look smooth and sleek, given that this was my first cake with fondant. To add some appeal i cut out circles from colored fondant and placed it on top.


White cake filled with whipped mascarpone and fresh raspberries

For this whipped mascarpone cake, I made a vanilla cake and then let it cool. To make the mascarpone frosting, I took mascarpone cheese and whipped it until fluffy, then I poured in powdered sugar. I put mascarpone frosting on the top of one of the cakes then placed fresh raspberries on top, then put more frosting on the top of them. Finally I placed the second cake on top of the frosting and completed the look with sprinkled powdered sugar and raspberries.


Lady cake with a thick caramel frosting

For this cake I made a vanilla cake, but to spice it up I added lemon zest. Then I made a caramel glaze with sugar and heavy cream. Then i poured the caramel glaze on top of the cake as well as in the center of the cake.



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