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Ice Cream

Vanilla bean and black raspberry ice cream

For this ice cream, I took fresh black raspberries and heated then on the stove once they became soft I smashed them into a jam like consistency. I heated cream, sugar, and a vanilla bean until the sugar was dissolved and it came to a light boil. The i poured the cream mixture over eggs yolks, mixed, and put back on the stove. I stirred it until thick. Then i added in the black raspberries and mixed well. Right after I quickly added in some cream cheese and stirred again. After the mixture became cold I poured it into the ice cream maker and churned it until thick.


Vietnamese coffee ice cream

For this Vietnamese coffee I mixed together condensed milk, sugar, cream, freshly brewed coffee, and coffee grounds together in a bowl and then let it sit overnight. The next morning I took the mixture which was now thick and churned it until firm.


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